My Top 5 Crazy incidents

Hola Amigos

I’m back with some more craziness.

Before I start I would like to thank you all for the love you’ve given to my first blog. So yeah…. GRACIAS PEOPLE.

Craziness is very important in life but sometimes it’s embarrassing too. Really, it’s like we act like there is no tomorrow.

Life is not always the same, sometimes our craziness backfires us and then our happiness turns into embarrassments 😂🤐 and believe me, writing a blog on “how crazy I’m” is just like “come see how cranky my life is”

So basically you’re now officially allowed to judge me. I am finally going to START 😅

Should I

I shouldn’t

No, I should

Okay I will 😂

Take your time. Grab a packet of chips . Be ready to see Ramya embracing her embarrassments.

Starting from my favorite one (DON’T JUDGEEE!!! 😂😅)

1> No I’m not a LESBIAN

So, I had a senior in my school who was very fond of tattoos. She was the weirdest student of our school. I can bet that if Lady Gaga would have met her then they would have been best friends. So one day I saw tattoo on her upper thighs (half tattoo was visible, half was not ). Some text was quoted. A very simple idea of fun striked in my mind. I wanted to read that was tattooed. My intention was to play with the DON . During assembly time she came for the ritual of nail checking ( I know it sounds like witch searching for negative vibes). Anyways, my friends tried their best to stop me but I executed my plan. I went towards her and slowly picked up her skirt and started reading 😂(Just Imagine!!!!). She kicked me off and screamed. I excused myself by saying. “Why did you get it tattooed when you don’t want to show? “

I don’t want to talk about the consequences 😂

2> Craziness is in my gene.

So once I and my mother was alone at home. We had to go back to our village next day but this slipped from our mind and we purchased a big watermelon which weighted approx 5 kg.After purchasing , we realized our mistake. ( but it was too late) Wait this was not a problem. The problem was that just like joey we too don’t share food. So that day we divided the melon into two parts and ate it with a competitive spirit “let’s see who eats more” (haha like mother like daughter )

3> Actually it’s Tit for Tat

How many of us receive irritating wrong calls? Almost all of us. How annoying are these calls, specially when girls receive random calls of any Mr xyz expressing his love. So in last few days someone was really bothering me by calling again and again. I tried everything but he continuously used to say “aap baat nhi karengi to saanse ruk jaaengi that was the moment my crazy mind striked again. Now I used to call him at the odd hours of the day and when he used to pick up I ordered him to bring vegetables . I screamed at him that he was not bringing vegetables for me. I screamed that he was not taking up his responsibility. That was the time when my sasta aashiq blacklisted my call (hhahaha)

4> I Hate you Ramya

Haha. So unfortunately I was CR of my class and Monday was report card distribution, so I was helping my teacher to arrange the report cards. A idea of fun striked in my mind and I called a friend of mine and informed him that he is failed in two subjects (I was lying). He was shocked. When he went home, he informed his parents about his results so that they get prepared for Monday. The two days in between my friend was grilled and roasted. On Monday when he saw his report card he found out the truth and you know what he was passed with amazing grades.

Let’s not talk about what happened to me later 😂

5> Food ❤

Once I participated in interschool skit competition where I was given a role of a teacher. We reached the venue early so I was simply roaming. Two – three students of the host school wished me good morning. (I was dressed like a teacher so obviously looked like one too). Later after some time I saw a refreshment area which was divided into two parts – one for students and other for teachers. The refreshment box for teachers was bigger , so I decided to act real. I intentionally walked towards the teacher’s stall and asked the group that where can I find refreshment for my students? They replied me that ma’am please tell us your school name we will send the boxes and for you it’s here. I smiled and screamed in my mind Mission Food accomplished 💕

Always Remember

The best antidote for stress is craziness

And as I always say 🙂

Unfortunately I’m not God. So I have the right to make mistakes but you be a good audience and correct me by mentioning all mistakes in comment box or simply mail me ✉

And do shower your love because you people are lavleyyyyy💙

Crazy is the word

why should rose always have a romantic pose?

Hola Amigos  

 As it is perfectly said ” sometimes change is what we need”.  So last year in December i decided to give my Tulsi plant a makeover. On  christmas, alongwith my christmas tree i decorated my Tulsi plant as well. I experienced a different vibe. They called me crazy but i loved it. I was happy 🐼/i>򒠼/p>

I know you may find it a bit odd but yes, craziness is very important. In world full of advices of being sane, I suggest you to try insanity. We all are basically surviving our lives. Do you remember last time when did you smile? Wait, by smile I mean ‘the real one’ not the one which we create for our selfies. Being sane can be boring sometimes. We should always bring some action in our lives and spice it up. I know most of you guys must be thinking that we are happy like this. Be sane and be Safe. So in that case PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE PIECE.

So it was my brother’s big day. He was getting married. I thought to make this day a memorable one and dialled his ex-girlfriend’s number. I invited her to the wedding (fortunately she was not married) and believe me or not IT WAS FUNNNNN. Just imagine the scene; my brother enjoyed his own wedding with weirdest expression. Although my brother hates me for this but it was worth it.LOL😂

(do not try this without expert supervision because I was awarded with many kicks but as I said it was all worth it. 😅)

Okay let’s take a break and think about your top 10 crazy incidents
  • Think🤔
  • Think🤔
  • Think🤔

(And tell me in comments if you want to know mine 😈)

Let me tell you this tale too. Hahahahaaa. This is craziest of all.
So have you ever heard of the superstition that “if a lizard falls on you then it’s a sign that you’ll get money from somewhere”. So once I was badly broke, so I intentionally made a lizard fall on me so that I manage to get money from somewhere .Deep down I knew that It was a foolish activity and I also knew that I was just building a crazy tale for you people but I enjoyed doing it. So I did it. (I’m sure now you really want to know my top five crazy incidents)

Craziness is nothing but going out of your box. It’s about bringing some thrill in your same boring routine. It can differ in levels but the output is same- FUNNNN🔥

Before I say Bye 👋

Remember being crazy and being a fool are two different things. Some people risk their life and call it craziness. If you risk your life just to click a damn selfie then my friend it’s not called craziness, it’s called SUICIDE.
Be crazy… Enjoy your life to fullest because you only live once.❤

Unfortunately I’m not God. So I have the right to make mistakes but you be a good audience and correct me by mentioning all mistakes in comment box or simply mail me ✉

And do shower your love because you people are lavleyyyyy💙